ANIMABG Детектор за изтичане на газ


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Detects all HFC (134a) CFC refrigerants

Protect the environment!

Audio ‘siren’ and visual LED light alert when leak is found

Sensitivity adjustment dial

Flexible probe allows you to reach into awkward corners and tight spaces

Highly precise for accurate readings time after time

Re-set function enables you to set the meter to ignore ambient concentrations of halogen

Reads in just 6 seconds

Battery life indicator

Check your entire refrigerating system including the fittings, house to line couplings, controllers, service parts, the areas around the points of attachment, hold downs on lines and components.

Detect leaks in:

Refrigerating systems

Air conditioning units

It responds to ALL halogenated (containing chlorine or fluorine) refrigerants, including:

CFCs – e.g. R11, R12, R500, R503 etc

HCFCs – e.g. R22, R123, R124, R502

HFCs – e.g. R125, R134a, R404a

Blends including AZ-50, HP62, MP39 etc

Detect ethylene oxide gas leaks in hospital sterilizing equipment

Detect SF-6 in high voltage circuit breakers

Detect most gasses that contain chlorine, fluorine and bromine (halogen gasses)

Detects cleaning agents used when dry cleaning such as perchloroethy

Detects halogen gasses in fire extinguishing systems


Operating temperature: 0 oC (30 oF t 125 oF)

Maximum sensitivity: 6gr/yr for all halogenated refrigerants

Battery life: approximately 50 hours normal use

Response time: immediate

Work mode: continuous – no limitations

Fixed probe length: 17cm (6.5”)

Unit dimensions: 13 x 2.5 x 3 cm (5 x 1 x 1.2”)

Warm-up time: approximately 6 seconds

Reset time: 2 to 10 seconds

Powered by: x4 AAA 1.5V batteries

ANIMABG Детектор за изтичане на газ гр. Шумен - image 1

ANIMABG Детектор за изтичане на газ

65 лв.

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